Monday, April 03, 2006

Pleased to Announce Airbrushing

Beauty On The Go’s makeup technique is achieved by airbrushing or if you prefer tradional foundation application, that is also available. Airbrushing is a must do to have flawless skin for your wedding day, photo shoot or important events. I was taught by a top makeup artist in Vancouver and as she said, having your makeup airbrushed is like the cherry on top. Airbrushed makeup makes a huge difference because it sprays out any flaws or imperfections and gives your skin a beautiful glow. The Airbrush produces a soft, cool relaxing breeze.

MAC’s foundation is virtually weightless, and will last all day, without any need for touch-ups.

The technique of airbrushing is used on numerous female and male personalities in films, fashion and television. Photographers notably use it on the top models for fashion magazines.

Once you try airbrushing, you will love it!

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