Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Many have asked me about airbrushing and are very curious. I really do love the technique and it really does make a difference. Once you have tried airbrushing, you will see what I mean. Perfect in the winter, even better in the summer, just like a nice cool breeze.
Airbrushing is Perfect for Weddings.... you will walk down the aisle in total confidence, knowing that you've got a clean, fresh look . Airbrush makeup also means photo perfect, natural, flawless skin that lasts all night long. If you have skin imperfections on your chest and back, the airbrush will help to even those imperfections. The best part is, we don't charge extra for the service like others do.

Airbrush Makeup Benefits

1. It is long wearing, no need for touchups.
2. Your skin will look perfect and fresh throughout the entire affair regardless of the heat, humidity, or how much dancing you do!
3. Flawless complexion mean photographic perfection.
4. Will not rub off or transfer to clothes.
5. Your skin looks naturally gorgeous, like you are glowing from within!
6. Does not cake, smear or melt away.
7. Lightweight feel and look.
8. Oil-free.
9. Non-comedogenic (will not clog pores).
10. Perfect for those with sensitive skin.
11. Full color range for a perfect skintone match.
13. It takes just a few minutes to apply - it's that fast.

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