Monday, May 29, 2006

MAC's Blot Film Sheets

What can I say about MAC's blot film sheets? Well for starters, they are amazing and lucky for you (the bride) will be given some to get you through your wedding day. These are a must have in your little purse at all times and especially on your wedding day. I could not live without them.
Description: Leaves skin oil-free, mega-matte and won't remove or alter makeup or leave a powdery residue behind. Comes in a match-style pack. Blot Film instantly mattifies skin by absorbing excess oil from the surface of the skin. Simply press a sheet of Blot Film on the face and the skin will be shine-free. One sheet of Blot Film is large enough to blot the entire face and it comes in a compact, convenient, self-dispensing package.
30 Sheets/ Pack 30 Sheets/ Pack

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