Monday, June 12, 2006

This post is for Perfume Junkies

I myself have two major addicitons, handbags and perfume. Most are addicted to shoes and are suckers for a shoe sale, but not I. My fiance owns more pairs of shoes than I do.
I have closet full of handbags and dresser with at least 4 perfumes on the go at a time. Some people have their signature scent. I get bored very fast so having a few on the go works best for me. I tend to always have Dolce and Gabanna - light blue -all the time. That is one of my all time favourites. Chance by Chanel and Deep red by Hugo boss are the ones that are currently in rotation at the moment.
Most department stores don't like giving out their samples unless they are promoting or unless you buy a fragrance first. This website that I am about to tell you about is great. You can order all the samples you want for $3 or $4 each to see if you like the fragrance.
I have been dying to try Narciso Rodriquez for her. I heard it is absolutely amazing. Neither the bay or enchantments carry a sample bottle. Mind you the bottle is $100. I have just ordered a sample for this, Lea Extreme and Kai. Kai is suppose to be divine. I will post a little report once I receive them.
Check out this website for all the perfume info you will ever need.

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