Thursday, September 07, 2006

Butterfly to life symbolism - Personal Sharing Post -

I had the most amazing experience today...most would not think so after merely seeing a butterfly.
I was walking my dog today in the central park here in Burlington. I kept seeing this shadow above me, every time that I looked up there was this butterfly. I thought that was kind of strange and neat. Here comes the weird part....I thought to myself....what if my mom's spirit was with the butterfly and asked it to come back. Not one word of a lie, the butterfly came back inches from my face. I felt so overwhelmed and so happy.
The Central park is many things, dog park, playgroud, soccer fields and is full of memorial trees. Each tree has it's own plaque for someone that has passed on . There is one tree that does not have a plaque (we have purchaed a plaque and it will be going up this weekend). I thought I would do one more test just to see. As I was walking down the soccer field, I thought okay, mom if you are here then hover around "that" tree. When I got near the labyrinth where the bare tree was.....there was the butterfly.
I said to myself OMG! I felt so comforted.
I had to share this moment because if you have ever wondered if someone you love is around you, they sure are.
I also recommend reading "On life after death" By Dr. Kubler-Ross...It is amazing. For anyone out there that needs a little help on clarifying questions or just curiosity - READ IT!
It is so weird, but today I feel more comforted than I have since this has happened.
I went to Chapters yesterday to buy a book recommended by a client of mine, but they did not have any in stock. I bought a couple of other books to tie me over. The book is short. I started to read it and could not stop. I read for 2.5 hours straight.
It will comfort your heart, because after you read it, you will know the person you love is okay.

I was going to keep this to myself, but the butterfly is an amazing creature, which infact the book that I have recommended relates to your life as the stages of life of a butterfly.
The butterfly was so was so beautiful to watch.

Nothing in this world occurs by "coincidence."

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