Saturday, October 07, 2006

It's Official....I am married!!

I am going to make this a fairly quick post. We had a wonderful time in Las Vegas. I expected Vegas to be kind of cheesy - Elvis like, but to my surprise I only saw 1 elvis. We were married in the vallies of Las Vegas. The limo picked us up from the hotel and it took about an hour to get out to the Valley. The place where we got married is called the Valley of Fire. It is a spiritual place in the desert, owned by the natives. It was breath taking.
There is so much to do and see in Las Vegas.
We ended up taking over 600 photos...crazy, I know. I am going to share just a few for now and perhaps a few more later.

These two photos were taken from the plane above the Grand Canyon. It was stunning! I think we took about 50 pics alone over the Grand Canyon.

We had perfect weather the day we got married. The day was very hard for me due to the recent passing of my mom. I know she was there with me for sure. Like my sisters said...she had the best view. I hope she liked my veil. I did not want to wear a veil at all. Since Ian and I had gotten engaged in February, my mom must have tried to persuade me about 100 times to wear one....that was my gift to her. I am happy I decided to wear one. It was not as bad as I thought. I did not want anything too over the top and happen to find the perfect dress and perfect veil for me at Jena's here in Burlington. She is the sweetest lady and I highly recommend her.

The valley was really in the middle of the desert, in the middle of nowhere. You definitely would not want to break down out in the valley.

My amazing dad and I

It's official....I am a married woman.

A couple pics from the strip....the Forum shops, a must do! More pics to come later.

Our first day as a married couple.

Thanks for reading, come back later to see more...if I can find some time.


Lisa said...

Marie!! You look absolutely GORGEOUS... Ian cleans up quite nicely too! Aww my big sis is finally married..congrats! Love ya!

Lisa said...

Your pictures are amazing and you and your husband make a very gorgeous couple. :)

Lisa Leclerc (formerly Peers) said...

Hi Marie!

Congratulations! Your pictures blew me away! So dramatic.

I wish you and Ian the happiest ever after!

Brenda & Bill said...

What a beautiful bride! and very handsome groom! Pics are gorgeous. You are so right ... Mom had the best view and your wearing a veil was such a wonderful gift to her. You are a beautiful person Marie, and we both hope you and Ian will be as happy as you are today for many years to come! Best Wishes for a lifetime of happiness together, Brenda and Bill