Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Baby is all grown up

Wow how time flys! (I should be sleeping, but of course I can't so I will blog)
I remember when I first got Barney he was so tiny and in only 6 months, he has grown into a handsome little dog. I just can't believe how big he has is now.

Barney was a last minute purchase and not a real thought out purchase, but the best purchase that I have made.
I got him about a week after my mom passed away. He has done so much for my spirit. Dogs really do know when you are sad. It amazes me how loving they are how much they do for you. If you have a dog, you know what I am talking about...sometimes you feel like you are a having a bad day and the dog just comes on over and starts licking your face. That is the only thing living creature that I will let lick my face lol.

This past week has been awful! I have the flu again and I feel like a truck has hit me. Any of course my little Barney knows how to make my day.

Anyhow here are just a few of my baby...I just love him to bits.

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