Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Some wedding photos

I mentioned yesterday that I had a wonderful opportunity to be a second shooter to David Gilmour. I am so lucky to have such a great mentor. My job as a second shooter was to capture candid moments, details, and shots from another perspective. I also held the reflector and assissted the main photographer. I did sneak in a few of the bride too hehe... When David was getting ready for the next shot, I asked the bride to look my way a couple of times ;)
Virginia and I did the hair and makeup for the bride, her daughter and her mom. When those duties were fulfilled, I went into photographer mode. I wanted to share a couple from Margaret's big day. Oh by the way if you know anyone who is getting married and needs a yummy wedding cake, visit Margaret's website


Stephanie said...

I'm sooooo excited! And can't wait to see what you'll do at my wedding Marie! You are so very talented! Love it!

Marie said...

Thanks Steph, I can't wait for your wedding.