Sunday, September 09, 2007

It's raining :(

Considering we actually need the rain, I should not really be posting this, but I was disappointed to wake up this morning to rain. Chris and Katherine are getting married on October 13 and today was suppose to be there engagement shoot. I was so excited and all ready to go last night. I woke up this morning and thought - bummer! Next week it is.
Today is another catch up day for me. In our household, Sundays then to be our "date" day or in most cases for other families it's family day.
We try to do something together every Sunday...even if it is just having dinner together. Speaking of dinner, we were in Niagara on the lake last night doing some visiting. We all went to the Keg for dinner and I must say - it's fabulous there.
Saturday was a great day. It started about 5:00 am for me and I was in Grimsby to get Lisa ready for her big day. She looked amazing. I can't wait until she send me pics of the hair and makeup we did for her and her girls. Jennifer of Jennifer Images photographed her wedding, so they are guaranteed to look fantastic. Virginia and I then headed back to Burlington to help another bride named Virginia to get ready. She looked smashing and her nieces were so precious. Lucky girl Virginia is from Australia, but her husband grew up here in Burlington.
Doing the hair and makeup for weddings is so much fun! It really is amazing what hair and makeup can do. The transformation is incredible. And once the brides slip into their dresses, they look amazing.
I wanted to also take the time this morning to post from a few recent sessions.

Have a great Sunday!

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