Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh oh oh, the sweetest thing.... (music notes)

The title was my attempt at singing the song by U2 "Sweetest Thing". This title is so appropriate for this little bub. Look how cute baby Zennon is. Don't you just love original names? I love names like this and names like Milla and Kaia (friends babies), a few other, but not so popular, but fabulous names that I've worked with lately.. Elle and Avery - Great names! Or... if we have a boy (I'm not pregnant) (when it's that time), my husband says he's naming our son "Angus" (yeah ok). My hubby is Scottish and wants a strong Scottish name for his children. I love the name Ainsley for a little girl - which happens to be Scottish too.
Well back on topic... I am in the midst of working on baby Zennon's shoot. He is such a beautiful baby with terrific parents. Here are just a few teasers for mom and dad and their family.

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