Friday, September 21, 2007

Steph's Wedding (Hair and makeup and photography)

Last Saturday the girls and I went to Stephanie's house to help her and her girls get ready for Steph's big day. I was so happy to be a part of her day. Stephanie and I met when her daughter Kaia was first born. I photographed her beautiful baby when she was nearly three months.

Once her big date was set, Stephanie contacted us at Beauty On The Go to see if we were available and we were!

We were chatting at the trial run and I had mentioned that I was thinking of doing wedding photography (when I always said I did not want to go that route). I am finding myself more and more interested in this side of photography.
In no random order... just began the editing...there are so many to go through. It's nice being the photographer too, this way I am ensured to get the nice hair and makeup shots. ;)

Love all the dresses - the bow is so darn cute... I have not seen anything cuter for a little girls dress.

Isn't that sweet?

Love the shoes too!
Love the ring pillow!

Don't know if I like the colour or bw better..hmmm

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