Monday, October 01, 2007

Super Fun Happy Bridal Shower!

As you may know we were trying to keep a secret about Virginia's bridal shower and let me tell you that was hard to do! She pretty much figured out what was going on, but I did NOT crack ;)The bridal shower was a huge success, so much fun, good food, good company, good food, good drinks, good food. ;)Her friends and family wanted to see what we do, so I thought I would post pics on the blog so they can check out some of our work at the same time. If you know or have worked with Virginia at a wedding, you know how much she hates getting her pic taken. Well, she pretty much had no choice! I might get a pie in the face at the stag and doe, but this will be worth it.

Virginia, the bride to be, my partner at Beauty On The Go. are cute...but the socks, hmmm not so much.

That's hot! (as Paris would say)

West side....I can hardly ever take a serious photo. It's going to be so hard the day of the wedding to be serious. Not sure sure if you are going to want the west side or south side sign in every photo ha ha.

Virginia's amazing mom and maid of honour and beautiful sister, Sherry.

She's really not scary.... I promise.

Her cous

I would like to know what they were doing here.

moi, virginia, Sherry and Brenda

We had a lot of fun at the shower. Just wait for the stag and doe's going to get messy!

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