Thursday, October 18, 2007

They made me cry

This family is one of the sweetest and kindest families I've ever worked with. As you all are, they are so in love with each other and their new baby Zennon. I posted some pics of Zennon earlier. Here is the message that I've just received from them. I normally don't post any praise received by clients, but this message touched me.

"OMG! The pictures are stunning!

Our Doula Angie said she saw you at a natural baby show and said you had a shot of Zennon on display! We're very proud and touched that you displayed one of him.

Some of those shots actually cause my eyes to water Marie....your talent at capturing the moment is just breathtaking and we can't thank you enough. Everyone we have shown them to have been ah struck by them, and immediately asked who took them. I do hope you get some referrals from us as I know that's the base of your business.

Although I didn't know her, I have no doubt your mother would be so proud of your talent and the happiness you bring to your customers.

We can't thank you enough Marie.

All the best,

Nigel C"

Their message made me tear up. To know the family is thrilled and will have these special memories forever is the MOST rewarding part of my job. I would do this for free if I could because I really love my job.

This is the image that was displayed at the show of their beautiful son.

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