Friday, November 23, 2007

Announcing Lily's beeeeautiful Kaia!

I love photographing this kid! Little Kaia is fantastic in front of the camera. I had the opportunity to photograph Stephanie's little girl Kaia. Some of you already know Stephanie, and most of you will be working with her during the holiday season and beyond. She is the owner and graphic artist/designer of Announcing Lily

What a beautiful family. Kaia is too cute for words!!! I love all her expressions.
I can't help by laugh when I see this picture.

this one is funny too.

so funny... I know...

She kills me - all these expressions from one little girl.

I love this one too!

We used my baby Tucker for a prop. Kaia was telling him to sit.
She just wanted to give him a kiss....awwww.

Thanks for looking!

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