Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cutest kids contest

I am running my first contest! All entries must be received by Feb 14th. I am looking for the area's cutest kids. Of course this is going to be hard for the judges. The kids must be 8 months or older to enter. All sessions will be conducted at my studio. All entries will be seen on the blog and the winners will adorn my website as well as marketing material for parents.
A model release must be signed. Please email me your entries.
Good luck.

Oh and if you are using pro photos, please make sure that you have permission to use the photo. thanks.

Here is what you may win:

first place - is a two hour photo session and 1 5x7 album (20 prints)and I've added tickets for two for the movies. Value - $700.00
2nd place - Complimentary photo session - $100.000
3rd place - complimentary mini session - $60.00
All entries must be received before February 14 and the kids must be 8 months or older.
In them mean time, everyone can send their snapshots or pro photos to info@memoriesbymarie.ca


Anonymous said...

Hi Marie,
Do you want our own snapshots or pictures from your photo shoots for the contest?
Jenn Sephton

Marie said...

Either or is fine. They do not have to be pro photos to enter the competition. The judges are not looking for pro quality photos. They sure do have a hard job on their hands and I'm glad it's not me choosing.
There are three businesses that will be doing the judging. There will be a write up on each business on the blog soon.

Anonymous said...

I think I will enter one of your pics, as you always capture the perfect moments...one pic per kid or can we send a couple to really show their personality? I love contests and of course I think I have the World's Cutest Kid! (just like every other mom). Ha.