Saturday, March 29, 2008

Amy & Joshua part 3 Card number 2

I still have a lot of images to sort through. I was shooting with two cameras and my assistant at this wedding was shooting with one as well. Having a second shooter in my opinion is very important as it gives you a different perspective. We don't charge extra for the second photographer.
Here you go Amy :) as I know you are a faithful blog reader. (wink wink)
Here are a few more previews:


Stephanie said...

Marie these are soooo great! I love all your wedding work. You're so so talented and I'm so thankful you were able to be a part of our day too! I'm in love with your work!

Marie said...

Thanks Stephanie for the comment. They were a lovely couple to work with.

Garrett Elliott said...

Snow rules. I wish I had more brides who would brave the wintery weather! It looks so awesome in photos!

Marie said...

Thanks Garrett. The bride and groom were very easy to work with and brave! It was the biggest snow storm of the year.