Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ryan & Natalie - Samples from Last weekend

I am sure it's killing Ryan and Natalie to wait to see the photos from their wedding last weekend. I just can't make you wait any longer - it's killing me. :)
It will take me about a month or so to get everything ready, but here are just a few from their wonderful day. I had no idea which ones to show, so I just grabbed a few.
And I must say I can't believe I said "I will never be a wedding photographer".....It's so much fun! I love it!!!

"faux photo booth shots"

This idea was so much fun. Before guests entered for dinner, we made them "pose" for us.

"le tigre" (this is what this couple called this look)

I loved the ambiant lighting during their evening ceremony. I really wanted to see the mood and the lighting during the ceremony. Very little flash - which is good for two reasons, captures the ambiant light and it's non intrusive during the ceremony.

Had to post this one...they are too cute.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful couple, beautiful work.

Marie said...

Thanks :)