Saturday, April 05, 2008


Mya has the most sparkling, crystal clear, blues beautiful! You could just eat her up...she's so cute. It's amazing to see the changes in her since December 07. She still knows how to work the camera.(wink)
On another note, when it comes to email, please do not soley rely on email when it comes to booking a session. If you've not heard back from me, then my email went to your junk folder or spam box. Email is convenient, but not always reliable. I will ALWAYS reply to every one's email. I try my best to call everyone back within 48 hours of leaving a voicemail. I will be returning all calls from Friday and today...tomorrow.
I am really good with email, check it numerous times a day and usually reply right away...if I receive it. Also, I've had to increase my security settings on my email because I am tired of being bombarded with spam. It's also a possibility that your email is not being downloaded because my filter believes it's spam. If you don't get a reply back...just call, it's so much easier and 100% reliable.

Okay enough's twinkle eyes:

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