Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Build hair extentions into your updo

Cindy is one of my awesome brides to be and she has been kind enough to send me some photos of her hair trials. In the first pictures below, Cindy has had her makeup done, and her updo. Her hair is very fine. I really liked this updo on Cindy and so did she, but just wanted to see the difference with extensions.
Here are the pics without extentions.

The extentions that I used on Cindy are from my kit so the hair does not match exactly. This trial we used the extentions so that she could get a feel if this is what she would like for her wedding day. After doing this trial Cindy and I both felt the extentions made a huge difference for fullness.
Here are a couple with only her hair done and "au natural" makeup.

If you are interested in trying them at your trial, please speak freely and ask about them. There is no extra charge to try the extentions. If you decide you would like to have them for your wedding day;I will send you to the place where you can find them.


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