Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Cherry on top with Beauty On The Go

Client service and satisfaction is the most important thing to us at Beauty On The Go. I do not let you leave here from your trial until you are satisfied. In addition, with that said sometimes brides have an exact look that they want, so that is what I do. Sometimes the bride really does not have any ideas, so I try a few looks on them until they love their style.
I am very accommodating and want you to be very happy with your hair and makeup. I mean you are only spending a year or more preparing; of course you want to look perfect. I would not expect anything less.

Here is the bonus, Beauty On the Go does airbrushing at no extra charge; we do not charge for Sundays; we do not charge for early starts.

We also prepare the bride with essentials to get her through the day such as: lipstick or gloss with brush, blot film sheets, sponge and blot powder.

This will guarantee you to look your best all day, as most brides do not have the budget for an all day, on site makeup artist.

Give us a call if you have any questions.
Beauty On The Go
In home hair and makeup

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