Friday, May 12, 2006

Makeup Tips and Information

Expired MakeupI am sure many of you have wondered how long you should keep your cosmetics around. I know it may be hard to toss out makeup, but it really is the best for hygenic purposes

Expired products can lead to breakouts and infections—not to mention the fact that
your makeup simply won’t look as good as it should. In general, mascaras will last three months; foundation will last for about six months; lipstick will last for a year; and powders (such as blush and eyeshadow) will last between one or two years. Toss perfume within two years—sooner if it’s been in the heat or the sun.
A good rule of thumb: liquid formulas (mascara, foundation) breed bacteria quickly, so they should be the first to toss.

Look in your makeup bag, I am sure there are products in there that are years old. I have seen some clients makeup and let me tell you, they are hanging on to makeup from 5 years ago. - that has got to go -

Control Oily Skin

As the summer soon approaches, it's going to be time for the skin regimen shift to battle the inevitable extra oil-production and shine. Fix it with
MAC's Mattifying Gel, one of my favourite products. It's an oil-absorbing gel that goes over moisturizer and under makeup, and it sops up shine and lasts all day(helps leave makeup looking fresh and won't cause breakouts, too). This stuff works on even the oilest skin. I highly recommend this product.

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