Saturday, May 13, 2006

My Obessessions

This post is to invite you into my personal world. I love many many things in my life but here is my all time top 25 obsessions list-in no particular order

1. Makeup - okay this is number one
2. Theatre
3. Perfume - all time faves - Dolce & Gabanna - light blue, Ralph Lauren-Blue, Hugo Boss - Deep Red - Burberry and Jean Paul. They are all heavenly smells. I am addicted to perfume. I have about 4 different bottles on the go all the time.
4. NYC - The most energetic and amazing city. If you have never been there, you should go. You will leave your heart there. The vibe and feel is like no other.
5. Pickles
6. Coconut body butter from the Body Shop
7. Fruits and Passion - almost everything in the store is on my list.
8. Fashion
9. Celebrity updo's - I am always looking for the latest trends to show my clients - that's you, all my wonderful brides to be.
10. Reading a good book
11. Valpolicella - Devine!!!!! Pinot Grigio, coming in second.
12. Babies - I love them, as long as I can give them back.
13. Photography - Love, love, love photography.
14. Viva Glam 5 from MAC - Amazing colour for me!!!!
15. Celebrity Mags - Actually celebrities in general - mostly what they wear and how their hair is worn.
16. Pretty Woman, Julia you are my favourite actress
17. Blogging - This is much fun! You should try it.
18. Headbands
19. Regis & Kelly - I watch them faithfully almost every morning.
20. The Young and the Restless - Phyliss is my favourite.
21. Will and Grace - Very Sad to see you go :(
22. Animals - I wish I could take them all in.
23. Handbags -ADDICTED!
24. Nature - Very beautiful
25. Music - alwyas looking for the current playlists

Well that is just a bit about me. Look forward to meeting you and hearing about your obsessions. We can chat over your trial run.
Cheers Ladies

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