Thursday, August 31, 2006

Catching up on trial runs...

I am starting to catch up on trials for upcoming weddings. September is our busiest month for weddings. We have zero availability as we are booked every Fri, Sat and Sunday for the whole month.
We are very pleased to be so busy.
Thanks again to all the brides who bumped up their trials.
Here are a few from this week:

Kate's trial run. She is such a sweet bride!

Sarah's Trial - Leila inspired updo. Although she has about 4 times the amount of hair. She counted the pins and there were 148 -HOLY COW! - the flower is just a sample - not the real deal.
Alicia's trial. She also had a load of hair but also very beautiful. We used lashes on Alicia. At first she found them to be a bit much, but with everything put together...she is stunning.....and she felt that way too!

Heather had a second trial to try more of an updo. You can see Heather's other trial somewhere in the archives. She is beautiful either way and truly can not go wrong.

If you are still looking for hair and makeup for November and December or Christmas parties, send me an email.
Bye for now

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